13 November 2014

Taxation Without Representation for Churches and Clergy?

Apparently, some atheists want to tax churches. Some atheists also want the housing allowance for clergy to be taxed. Christianity Today has an article about this entitled, Court Overturns Atheist Victory on Housing Allowance, and it is worth reading.

Here's the irony: there is no taxation without representation in a free society. If churches are taxed, that means they must be represented for taxation purposes, which is what some atheists do no want. If clergy are taxed, they also must be represented as clergy for taxation purposes, which is also something some atheists do not want.

It also seems President Obama's administration also wants to tax clergy's housing allowance.

This is too bad because it ultimately means they support taxation without representation regarding churches and clergy.

Personally, I like the U.S. Constitution's 1st Amendment freedoms that prevents the government both from establishing a state church and from prohibiting the free exercise of religion. This makes for better religion and better government.

I wish these atheists and President Obama's administration would see the wisdom in this.