18 September 2015

Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan...

I recommend reading a CNN article entitled, "Why Ronald Reagan's Name is Everywhere." The author, Chris Moody, reports that Grover Norquist wants Theodore Roosevelt taken off Mr. Rushmore and replaced with Ronald Reagan.

I doubt Reagan would have supported such a move. Reagan believed, in his words, "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." Today men such as Mr. Norquist and many conservative talk radio hosts claim they like Reagan, but "speak ill" of fellow Republicans routinely. I wish they would actually follow Reagan's example, if indeed, Reagan is their leader (I do not think they really like Reagan, as I explain, below).

However, to those who think Roosevelt was not a good president, please identify the specific laws he supported as President that you oppose. Be specific, please. The average American will likely find that such dislike for President Roosevelt is without substance, and has been fostered by conservative talk radio hosts and others who are not like President Reagan in their beliefs.

Indeed, President Reagan and President Theodore Roosevelt shared many beliefs and characteristics in common. The Reagan portrayed by these so-called conservatives is a myth. For example, President Reagan worked with his political opponents, supported liberal and moderate Republicans and appointed many to his cabinet (e.g. Sen. Richard Schweiker and Rep Margaret Heckler), championed amnesty for illegal immigrants, and promoted a positive message. Many so-called conservatives today criticize Republicans who do the same, and imply that Reagan really did not believe what he believed. Such men are more like Sen. Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s than President Reagan in the 1980s. That is why I do not believe these men really like President Reagan.

Finally, be very careful that you are not manipulated by such men who promote a spirit of hatred. Neither Roosevelt or Reagan advocated such a spirit in politics.