10 August 2017

Anti-Free Market Propaganda

"The younger generation of today has grown up in a world in which in school and press the spirit of commercial enterprise has been represented as disreputable and the making of profit as immoral, while to employ a hundred people is represented as exploitation but to command the same number as honorable."
- F. A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom, edited by Bruce Caldwell, The University of Chicago Press (2007), p. 155.

When I read the above quote, I thought of Sen. Bernie Sanders. He makes a command and control type government and economy sound good. In his speeches, he seems to hate individual innovations that are not controlled by an elite group of political planners.

I have found present day conservatives to be no better. They do not really support a free market economy which has rules that allow individuals and small groups to begin a small business that challenges established corporations. Rather, they support businesses even when they seek to destroy competition. As such they are pro-business, but not pro-free market. In this, they have departed from conservative beliefs of previous political generations which sought to maintain a system that controlled the power of big business and allow small businesses to freely compete in the economy.